There is no doubt that Niels Diffrient revolutionized the world of furniture when introduced the Humanscale Freedom Chair in 1999 and the Liberty Chair en 2006. Diffrient is considered as the father of ergonomics, and you can tell it in the distinctive features of this revolutionary artifact.

The Freedom Task Chair with headrest
                    The Humanscale Freedom Chair

If you are looking for an ergonomic chair for your workspace, you’ll probably ask yourself what’s so special about this, and why it became a must when it comes to productivity and wellbeing. 

Well, The Humanscale Freedom Chair is indeed a major innovation, due to its intelligent recline counter-balanced mechanism.

The Freedom Task Chair (Front)

The recline counterbalance system is the distinctive feature of the Freedom Chair

Relax without losing focus

This mechanism provides a full range of decline without losing the line of view. It’s weight-sensitive and allows you to synchronously rest your arms during the recline. Furthermore, it opens the angle between your torso and legs while reclines, so you feel less strain in your back. Its sets of head and backrest provide a total system of support to make feel comfortable without losing focus on the job.

And moreover, this intelligent recline counterbalanced mechanism is capable of bringing you all these features, without using of levers o locks to be manipulated by the user. Just adjust your height, and the Humanscale Freedom Chair will do the rest. That’s what we call Freedom

A machine for sitting

The ingenious design applied to this chair, which also includes the patent of the synchronous arms system, earned the Freedom Chair the title of Machine for sitting when it was released in 1999. The subsequent line of design lead to the release of the Liberty Chair in 2006, and the World Chair in 2009. 

Neils Diffrient. Creator of the Freedom Task Chair
Neils Diffrient, creator of the Freedom Chair, for Humanscale

So, now that you are aware and amazed like us with the powerful health benefits of this standard of design, why don’t you take an action and give you the opportunity to take it to your workplace? In ManhattanOfficeDesign you will find your favorite model for just a fraction of the price. Take a seat where productivity and wellbeing come along naturally. 

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