Looking for comfort at work while feeling like you’re resting on your living room sofa? With Humanscale Furniture Summa this is possible. Designed for today’s most dynamic leaders, the Humanscale Furniture Summa is one of the most desired office chairs NY available in the market. This Summa chair is a versatile leather conference chair suitable for the corner office, boardroom, or your home office space. Either way, this office furniture design NYC will look amazing no matter where it is placed, matching any corner with elegant looks and luxurious style. 

If you’re looking forward to doing an exquisite office renovation NY, then this Humanscale Furniture Summa chair is a must. It is completely customizable, with a defined and sophisticated color palette that will elevate your brand’s presence within any environment. This gorgeous office furniture Manhattan is made to last a lifetime, thanks to its crafted-wooden upholstered back. Looking for office furniture NYC is hard, but it becomes pretty easy when you take a look at this Humanscale Furniture gorgeous Summa chair. 

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A Sustainable Humanscale Furniture Office Chair

It is well known how important it is for Humanscale Furniture the manufacture of sustainable and eco-friendly chairs, and this Humanscale Showroom NY office chair isn’t the exception. Summa’s cylinder and base are made with environmentally neutral Chrome 3 finish, instead of Chrome 6 (which is considered dangerous to users and the environment). This Humanscale Furniture Summa chair features chrome-free leather that eliminates chromium, a harmful chemical used in various tanning leathers. With this Humanscale Furniture Summa chair, you will achieve a gorgeous office design NY and providing a positive product for the environment at the same time.

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