When you are in prolonged sitting, one of the most widespread practices is the alternate of sit/stand up postures during the workday. Alternating your posture allows your body muscles’ to relax from the stress and pressure generated by the seated posture, basically in our back spine.

There is not a standard criterion about how long should each period be taken. But most of the research suggests between 15 minutes per hour, to 30 min per hour. Nevertheless, they all state very clear that being seated all day on a regular basis is quite dangerous for your health.

But to keep your good posture and stay away from prolonged seating doesn’t mean to halt your activities. Work is waiting and performance should keep on, that’s why some tools have come across to help you to keep pace, whether in your office or home office. That’s the case of Humanscale Furniture, with the Humanscale Floating Desk.

The Humanscale Floating Desk is the answer of Humanscale in the market of sit/stand desks. It allows you to keep on working while effortlessly change your posture, from sitting to stand and vice versa. To operate a Float Desk is almost as easy as standing up, softly and quietly. Whether manual or electric you won’t change your working surface when change of posture, and you will keep it clean and operative.

Seamless Technology

With a minimalist design, with just the essential elements to control your desk, manually or electrically, the Humanscale Floating Desk has an innovative weight counterbalance mechanism designed to allow the table to shift from sitting to stand only if it’s completely leveled up. This counterbalance mechanism can take up to 130 tons of desktop weight, so this is a special tool for all these Home Office Warriors with tons of office gear: Two, three (Or more) monitors, keyboard and pad, support for a smart phone, a notebook, and so on.

The Humanscale Floating Desk provides a great range of heights, from 27’’ to 47”. There is plenty of room where you can select an ideal level for your particular measures. Is always convenient to remember that due to manufacture conventions, most of the office desks have 29″ or 73,5 cm height.

According to ergonomics specialists, the American height average is about 5.9″. This height is appropriated for 6″ height people, something a little higher than the national average, that is around 5,9″. So, a proper measure for your desk has to be around 29″ or a little less. Humanscale Floating Desk gives you from 27” the possibility of using the right height for your body.

Responsible and eco – friendly

The Humanscale Floating Desk is your eco-friendly option.  Unlike most of the sit/stand desks in the market, the Humanscale Float Desk uses premium grade powder coat wood tops, made without formaldehyde. Besides, is one of the first Living Products certified by the International Living Group. If you are looking for office furniture in NY, and you think about the health of your work team, then there is no time to lose. Stand up and go to Manhattan Office Design, the best place in NYC for acquiring office and Home Office furniture at affordable prices.